What do you wish you had known as a freshman or transfer?

What do you wish you had known as a freshman or transfer?

Hello and welcome!

We are so happy that you have arrived. So, New Student Orientation is over…now what? The first few months of Georgetown are incredibly exciting, but also undoubtedly overwhelming—from navigating registration, to scouting out activities fair, to taking classes in large lecture halls, to actively participating in seminars. The first few months can sometimes feel like a blur of new people, new places, and let’s not forget the new acronyms.

Four years later, we still remember it like it was just yesterday. Dear Georgetown Freshmen was born from talking to upperclassmen about what they wish they had known their first year. This is a collection of letters from Georgetown seniors writing to their freshman selves. These letters are filled with honest advice, admissions of failure, new experiences, coming-of-age stories, and every in between.

We hope that these letters will foster a better culture and reassure first-years that forgetting to do that ECON101 problem set isn’t the end of the world, not getting into an organization does not mean that your social life is over, and that everything really will be all okay. And along the way, maybe these letters will help inspire a renewed environment built on curiosity, kindness, humility, laughter, and enjoyment of the little things.

This is truly a special place--we are so jealous that your Georgetown experience is just beginning, and we are very excited to see what you accomplish over the next few years.  

Hoya Saxa and welcome home,


*All photos are originals. 


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