Dear Georgetown Freshmen.

Dear Georgetown Transfers.

"It's the People, Always the People" by Vicky G.

"It's the People, Always the People" by Vicky G.

Dear Freshman Me,

You somehow found your way here, lord knows how. (That’ll be the narrative of the next 4 years too.) Clear eyes, full heart — win or lose, you’re ready to live.

You’ll vow to crush your classes at the beginning of the semester, emerge unsuccessful, treat yourself to ice cream at T. Sweets, and renew that vow for next semester. (Aaand repeat.)

You’ll feel impatient because you don’t have big-amazing-world-transforming dreams like everyone else does. Patience, your time will come. That’s why you’re here at Georgetown: to ideate and develop those dreams.

You’ll be glad you initiated that conversation — what a beautiful relationship that turned out to be.

You’ll wonder if you’re doing Georgetown “right.” Who is your crew? What are your clubs? What do you do? Honestly, you don’t need an answer. Keep on doing you, you creative free-spirited soul.

You’ll have to intentionally prioritize friendships with people of every ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, social status, academic interest, age, etc. Deepen those by talking about all the big and deep and wide things together. Challenge and be challenged, share and exchange convictions and experiences.

You’ll feel battered and worn, depressed and anxious. But you’ll come out stronger each time and together with those who mean the most to you. Fear not, for with deeper depths come greater heights.

You’ll explore DC like no other. Become a regular and befriend the baristas at that hip café no one else knows about; make it your escape for when you just need to get away.

You’ll question your purpose. Press into it; ask God why He’s planted you right here, right now, amongst these people. Approach life armed with the steadfastness of faith.

You’ll stress over how goshdang busy you are, but trust me, you’re not that busy. Next food service employee you come into contact with, extend that thank you into a conversation. Hear his or her story; share what’s been on your mind.

You’ll be so glad you studied abroad. Be thankful for the chance to be away, to soak in the solitude, to rediscover yourself all over again.

Sooner or later, you’ll be here, senior year, exhausted and sick and worried and wondering how you’re ever going to get through the week, writing this to remind you just how small you are and how big the world is.

You don’t have to do everything, right now. Just be here, now. This rollercoaster of the next 4 years will feel so long yet so fleeting. They will be 4 years of continual refinement into who you were made to be, so surround yourself with people whom you can embark on that journey with.

Welcome to your family, your next home for this season of life. And remember, no matter what you’re going through — it’s the people, always the people. And the locally-crafted-with-love ice cream (Ice Cream Jubilee in Navy Yard, check it!!).


Vicky Gu (MSB '17)

"Spoiler alert: Everything is going to be fine" by Bridget M.

"Spoiler alert: Everything is going to be fine" by Bridget M.

"Love Your Growing Pains" by Gabi H.

"Love Your Growing Pains" by Gabi H.