Dear Georgetown Freshmen.

Dear Georgetown Transfers.

"25 Things" By Marnie K.

"25 Things" By Marnie K.

Dear Georgetown Freshman,

One of the most powerful things I read before coming to Georgetown was a piece by MIT admissions, titled “50 Things” (which you should totally check out). In the spirit of that list, here’s twenty-five I wish I knew before coming to Georgetown:

1. The world exists outside of Georgetown. Don’t forget that, especially on the rough days.

2. If you set the washing machine to “delicates”, you don’t have to wash your lights and darks separately.

3. Say hi when you pass that person you only met once in Red Square. They remember you too, and they’ll appreciate it!

4. The most important conversation is the physical one you’re in right now, not the one on iMessage.

5. Call home. Even if it means hearing a long story about the new drapes. Your folks miss you.

6. Go to class (unless you’re really sick). Class can actually be a nice distraction when you’re upset.

7. That being said, go to CAPS when something is wrong. Talk about it. Your happiness is worth it.

8. If you want to find something cool to do during the summer, ask people you know what they did last summer. It’s a great way to learn about all sorts of different opportunities.

9. If something your roommate does really bothers you, tell them about it. They’ll appreciate that you let them know.

10. Always procrastinating? SelfControl app blocks Facebook (and any other website) on your computer for a specific period of time.

11. Go to something on your own, without your closest friends accompanying you. You’ll meet people you’d have never met otherwise.

12. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect. No one is perfect. Being perfect is weird.

13. It’s OK to say “no” to things, even when you don’t have a reason why you’re saying “no”.

14. Trader Joe’s will save you a lot more money than Safeway, but Safeway has better selection, plus toilet paper. And trust me, you’re going to be buying a lot of toilet paper.

15. Go to office hours. Professors are even more awesome in office hours.

16. If you’re deciding between working on that paper and going to that concert of a lifetime…go to the concert. Remember that your life is made up of experiences, and that you deserve to have fun once in a while.

17. That being said…write down your deadlines. If you don’t write it down, you don't remember it.

18. If there’s enough snow to go sledding, stealing a tray from Leo’s will be well worthwhile.

19. If your friend needs you, be there for them. Don’t be on your phone when they’re talking to you. They are more important.

20. There’s no such thing as a “stupid” question in class. Trust me, everyone’s confused about that, too.

21. Protect your free time.

22. If the milk starts to smell, throw it away.

23. People you love, here and at home, will both get married and get sick. Reach out. Be there for them.

24. You, and your friends, will change throughout the next four years. Let it happen.

25. Trust that you can do it more than you want to doubt yourself.

That’s it for now!


Marnie Klein


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"Imperfect is Perfectly OK" by Sarah M.

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