Dear Georgetown Freshmen.

Dear Georgetown Transfers.

"You Deserve To Be Here" by Sean P.

"You Deserve To Be Here" by Sean P.

Dear Georgetown Transfer,

Since you now go to Georgetown as a transfer student, you will likely acquire, through the charity of another’s advice or the circumstance of learning, many exotic new facts.

You will learn, for example, that when asked how they are doing today, people at this school are more likely to respond by saying “busy” than “fine”. You will learn that for a certain type of person, the banishment cubicles at the back of Lau 5 are a more effective way of losing track of time than watching television. That you can obtain an odd sort of buzz by running on nothing but 2 hours of sleep, black coffee, and good vibes. That football and basketball players can be genuinely nice, interesting, and engaging people, and can be taken aback when this information seems to surprise you. That it is entirely possible that you end up being the “bad” roommate.

That it seems like you’re the only person who doesn’t have it together.

That you are, in fact, far from the only person who doesn’t have it together.

That it is possible to want to go back to the school that you transferred from to go to Georgetown, and that wanting this is both mildly paradoxical and exceedingly normal.

You will learn that transfers do not, in fact, get better housing numbers to counteract having lived in VCE. That no matter how much ability to write a paper the night before you thought you had, you actually don’t have very much. Nor does anyone else.

That you do not have to like a person to learn from him or her.

That loneliness is not a function of solitude. That you will become way less concerned with what people think of you when you realize how seldom they do. That no matter what kind of day you’re having, the Healy bells will ring on time.

And you will learn that there is such thing as raw, relentless, agendaless kindness. That Jack the Bulldog does not always want to be pet. That you’re going to hit the same kind of wall you did freshman year–that one where the dynamic qualities of the first few weeks sort of settle down into routine, but you still feel as if you’re without a group of friends or perhaps even a sense of community. That this phenomenon is normal but nevertheless daunting.

That you deserve to be here.

You will learn that you can saute vegetables on the sandwich press in Leo’s. Just grab some veggies and the olive oil from the salad line. That too many cups of coffee are neither pleasant nor productive. That walking down O St. at night is preferable, since John Kerry’s secret service detail is always outside. That screaming your heart out at a basketball game is unparalleled in its effect as catharsis. That TSweet’s ice cream may be expensive, but it sure is great when you’re sad.

That showing up to class in either sweatpants or formalwear is a form of strength. That advice is just words until you go out and learn it for yourself.

You will learn that you decided to come to Georgetown as a transfer for a reason—whether that reason be money, academics, the social scene—and that whatever your reason is is a very good one. That you should trust the decision you made to come here, and that you should trust yourself. That you are all the things that have gone right for you. That it won’t be easy, but Georgetown will eventually feel like your home.

"Trust Me, It Gets Easier" By Olivia S.

"Trust Me, It Gets Easier" By Olivia S.