Dear Georgetown Freshmen.

Dear Georgetown Transfers.

"You Are A Hoya" by Sophia F.

"You Are A Hoya" by Sophia F.

Dear Transfer Me,

You are a transfer.

You have just walked through the front gate.

You hug your Mom goodbye and wipe away the tears.

You go to your first 8am class.

You don’t know a soul.

You are getting lonely.

You venture out of your comfort zone and talk to those two girls you met briefly during NSO.

You have a feeling they will be your friends for life.

You join a club.

You go to the gym.

You hang with the other transfers - they are family.

You go to Village B parties and then Tombs.

You introduce yourself as a transfer.

You go to Dahlgren more times than you can count.

You get your first test back. Yikes.

You go to your tutor.

You fall in love with your tutor.

You don’t know it but that won’t end well.

You laugh.

You cry.

You complain about how hard it is to make friends.

You are uneasy but so appreciative to wake up in this incredible place every morning.

You come back from Christmas break and things are different.

You are comfortable.

You are confident.

You are in another early class but this time you are more than excited to go.

You start smiling at your peers.

You befriend the athlete, the international, the Corpie.

You don’t introduce yourself as a transfer.

You start succeeding academically.

You are motivated again.

You continue going to Dahlgren more times than you can count.

You stay up late doing homework.

You enjoy your group projects.

You shout at the top of your lungs at basketball games.

You are recognized by the bartenders and bouncers at Tombs.

You forget to call home often.

You are challenged in every aspect of your life.

You stick to your convictions.

You are growing.

You are more yourself than you have ever been.

You take your finals.

You have one last encounter with the boy who caught your attention this semester.

You pack your bags against your will.

You call an Uber.

You walk out through the front gates.

You are a Hoya.

Sophia Fleites (MSB ’17)

"Follow your own path!" by Febin B.

"Follow your own path!" by Febin B.